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Concert & Shows

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3 Stages

Discover daily schedules for performances, concerts, and parties across three stages. Find your favorite shows easily and enjoy a diverse lineup of entertainment.

Enjoy massive concerts and DJ sets on our 30-meter-wide stage, the heart of our village parties, hosting 10,000+ attendees

Main Stage

Experience thrilling acrobatics, vibrant dance performances, captivating cabaret, and family-friendly shows in our spacious 1200-seat open-air arena.


Step into our enchanting stage tailored for young ones aged 0 to 12 and their families! Dive into adventures with superheroes, cuddly puppies, and lively entertainers

Stage 0-12

17/06 - 23/06


01/07 - 07/07


15/07 - 21/07


29/07 - 04/08​​

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