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General Regulations of the BEER VILLAGE 

Art. 1 

Some games and attractions are subject to regulations that may limit access based on height, age, physical constitution and health conditions. Guests must always check the rules to be respected when entering each attraction and/or game and must comply with the instructions of the staff. 

Art. 2 

People with disabilities, before entering the BEER VILLAGE, must go to the "Welcome Center" to receive information and to collect the Guides specifically created for their needs. 

Art. 3 

Some areas of the BEER VILLAGE may be subject to delayed opening. Access to the attractions and/or games may be interrupted in advance of the closing time of the BEER VILLAGE to allow the queue to be cleared within the closing time itself. 

Art. 4 

The case may arise in which, for maintenance, safety and/or other operational reasons (such as, for example, lack of electricity, bad weather, rain or low temperatures, etc...) or following the the organization of special events, one or more attractions and/ games may be unavailable for short or prolonged periods of time. The Organizer also reserves the right to close, remove or modify, at any time, the attractions present at the BEER VILLAGE. In all these cases there is NO refund of the admission ticket, partial or total, nor validation of the same for another date. In case of emergency, follow the instructions given by BEER VILLAGE staff. 

Art. 5 

Each Guest must inform themselves through the official channels of the BEER VILLAGE before purchasing the access ticket on any problems related to the influx or climatic, technical or operational conditions that could limit the use of the attractions and the general enjoyment of the BEER VILLAGE and services. The Organizer reserves, in any case, the right to change the dates and opening/closing times of the BEER VILLAGE and/or the attractions and/or games, as well as any service or event scheduled within it. 

Art. 6 

The entrance ticket, once stamped at the turnstiles, CANNOT be refunded under any circumstances (art. 74 Presidential Decree 633/72); it must be kept and exhibited in the event of a tax inspection; grants the right to free access to all attractions and shows. 

Art. 7 

It is allowed to leave the BEER VILLAGE and re-enter on the same day by placing a stamp on your hand (at the entrance turnstiles). In the absence of a stamp, access is no longer permitted. 

Art. 8 

Access to the BEER VILLAGE arena and/or theaters is permitted only until the capacity established by law is exhausted and is prohibited once the show has started. 

Art. 9 

Entry with bicycles, skateboards, skates, scooters etc. is not permitted. Furthermore, the use of drones and similar devices within the BEER VILLAGE is not permitted. 

Art. 10 

Dogs can access the Park, but must be kept on a leash. Animals cannot ride the attractions and/or games and access the arena and theaters. It is strictly forbidden to leave dogs unattended in the Park: the surveillance staff are responsible for taking them into custody and keeping them safe. 

Art. 11 

Do not leave backpacks or bags unattended outside the designated areas: the security staff is responsible for removing them; it is strongly recommended not to leave any valuables inside. The Organizer declines all responsibility in the event of theft or loss. 

Art. 12 

Smoking is not permitted inside the BEER VILLAGE, except in the areas expressly indicated. 

Art. 13 

It is not permitted to lie down on the benches, trample on the flowerbeds or use them for picnics, for children or dogs to play, or for sleeping. 

Art. 15 

The Organizer uses video surveillance systems for the sole purpose of guaranteeing safety, safeguarding its assets and preventing illicit acts. The images are viewed only and exclusively by the personnel in charge, by the judicial or police authorities. 

Art. 16 

The Organizer reserves the right to carry out, for safety reasons, checks or controls to prevent the introduction of objects or things deemed dangerous or prohibited, through the use of devices such as metal detectors. 

Art. 17 

In some attractions and/or games, identifiable through the information sign placed at the entrance to each of them, photographs are taken for the purpose of selling souvenir photos of the day. Unpurchased photos will be deleted at the end of the day. 

Art. 18 

In case of annoying behavior or failure to comply with one or more articles of this regulation, the person may be removed from the BEER VILLAGE.
The BEER VILLAGE car park (if applicable) is an unguarded area, the Organizer does not offer and does not propose any security service and is therefore not liable for any damage and/or theft suffered by the vehicle and/or objects left in its possession. internal during the parking period. A video surveillance system may be active inside the car park, used exclusively to pursue the purposes of safety and protection of people and company assets. 


- Introduce glass or metal containers
- Running or playing dangerous games for the safety of others 

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